Rushville Sign

approving signage prototype.jpg

The Rushville Chamber of Commerce recently approached the Sandhills Institute seeking proposals for a new design of the Rushville signs. These signs are located on the East and West ends of Rushville on Highway 20.

Kayla Meyer, a landscape architect based out of Omaha and our 2015 Artist Fellow, partnered with the Chamber to design the sign, which aims to connect Rushville to its "Deep Roots in the Land." 

The design was made with Rushville's weather in mind - the sign itself is made of core 10 steel and the color is powder coated so it will last through storms and extreme heat. The sign's color aims to connect the sign to the facade of the historic courthouse.

Currently, the Chamber is seeking funding to install the project in the form of grants and donations. Citizens and local businesses alike have donated to the project.