“It is exciting to have many returning artists this summer season. The Sandhills Institute developed a system by which artists must return numerous times in order to better get to know the community before they consider making a project proposal.  It’s all part of an experiment, and it is exciting to see everything move, although slowly, toward proposals and finished projects.  There are a lot of exciting things going on in Rushville.  We are creating a cultural center at the old Main St. grocery store, and are working on getting funding for a mural workshop for local high school students. We are also developing a “Rolling Field” project and have just completed TJ Edwards’ blowout project.  Follow @SandhillsInstitute on Facebook and Instagram for updates on all of our projects.  I’d like to invite anyone who is interested in being involved to contact us, or better yet, come visit the artists out at the historic Davis Pine Creek Ranch.  We’d love to have you.”

                                -Mel Ziegler, Executive Director

4865 State Highway 250

Rushville, NE 63960